Brand Identity  •  Packaging

Bellbird is a natural soda made from yerba mate tea. As a small production that will soon sell to the greater Seattle area, I needed to design an identity and packaging solution to create excitement around the drink while making sure it’s easy to implement at a small scale.

We wanted to highlight Bellbird’s refreshing qualities and high caffeine content. The key challenge was to develop a brand that feels both healthy and energizing, while also separating itself from a lot of the ready to drink teas currently in the market.



As yerba mate was first cultivated by the indigenous Guaraní people in what is current day Uruguay, I drew inspiration from traditional Uruguayan art and textiles when designing the logo. The finished product is a simple icon representing a bird and a bell.

Additionally, I combined classic typography with bright colors and clean lines to give quality craftsmanship a bold and refreshing kick. The labels are a simple sticker solution that can be applied to a variety of bottles as Bellbird develops their business.