Conlon Dart

Brand Identity  /  Creative Direction  /  UI+UX

Conlon Dart is a multi-faceted wealth management firm that helps their clients navigate an ever-changing financial landscape. But how do we help Conlon Dart adapt to their own changing landscape?

image credit: Rafael Soldi

As their core clientele continues to age, Conlon Dart recognized their need to attract younger clients who are tech savvy and a bit weary of the traditional wealth management firm.

Conlon Dart’s partners provided us with examples of their existing client types along with new audiences they’d like to target. We saw a great opportunity to feature these client stories directly on Conlon Dart’s website. Working with our copywriter, I created a web presence that concisely visualizes Conlon Dart’s story and services, focusing on a client-driven narrative. To further personalize Conlon Dart, I worked with our photographer to incorporate warm photography of team members in casual settings.

Using clean and transparent design, I incorporated clear graphic communications, honest typography and distinguished colors to create a brand identity that is both knowledgeable and pragmatic.




Personalized client stories