UI+UX  •  Brand Identity  •  Creative Direction


Harnessing the power of influencer marketing, Trenzi connects users with brands to create a personal marketing experience on social media in return for rewards.

Trenzi’s founders needed a brand and user interface to help them communicate their robust rewards system to fashion retail brands and consumers. As trends move quickly in retail, I designed an identity that could adapt to different brands and remain relevant over time. I also used subtle warm colors to enrich content and welcome users to share campaigns on social media.



From a user interface standpoint, I designed simple iconography to succinctly communicate Trenzi’s complex earning methods. Aside from the several reward earning methods, they also have a donations system where users can put reward dollars towards good causes, such as funding classrooms. I used color-coded elements, red for rewards and orange for donations, to delineate between the two actions while keeping them integrated in a single interface.